A really inspirational and happy video about a very creative kid. “A 9 year old boy – who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store – is about to have the best day of his life.”

War is two groups of people fighting and killing each other, usually because of resources and/or ideology. What even gives a government the right to declare war against a foreign nation, and send people there to kill or be killed? If everyone refused to fight, there would be no war. Losing someone you love for […]

Here is a short film I really like. The film is only about 4 1/2 minutes, and most the movie plays backwards. It is a happy short story.

Here is a flier to hang up on bulletin boards or in other public locations to remind people that others love them. It implies that you don’t care about about their gender, sexual orientation, politics, or religion, and that you love and respect them as human beings regardless of any differences. Download a printable version […]