This film was made in 1982 and is about the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. It shows how he used non-violent methods and civil disobedience to help the people of India and the world. He helped organized peasants and farmers to resist high land taxes and discrimination, expanded women’s rights, eased poverty, increased economic self-reliance, […]

Here is an entertaining video about how to feed the world. It talks about how some countries are unable to produce much food because their environment is not suitable, and so are dependent on imported foods. Imported foods bought on the world market are vulnerable to commodity price fluctuations, which can literally starve millions of […]

Here is a short video about open government initiatives in various countries and the positive effects they have had. Open government is when the actions of the government are open and transparent to the people. These type of initiatives can makes the government more accountable, decrease corruption, increases public trust, and has a lot of […]